Greentown Labs Looks For Startups Decarbonizing The Auto Sector

Greentown Labs Looks For Startups Decarbonizing the Auto Sector - Carbon Herald
Image Source: Greentown Labs press release, July 19, 2022

Greentown Labs, BASF and Magna have partnered to launch the Greentown Go Move 2022 to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the automotive industry. A startup-corporate partnerships accelerator, the Greentown Go Move 2022 is now open for applications from startup companies that offer material and recycling process innovations to decarbonize the auto sector. 

Go Move 2022 is the first program as part of Greentown Go’s Go Move track, a climatetech accelerator that supports collaborations between startups and corporations to help decarbonize the global economy. 

“Decarbonizing the transportation sector is an enormous challenge, one which will require forward-thinking market leaders to work with inspiring entrepreneurs to identify the innovations that can profoundly scale,” said Ryan Dings, Greentown Labs’ Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel.

BASF, Leading Partner on the initiative, is a global leader in chemicals and the largest chemical supplier to the automotive industry. The Go Move program is in line with BASF’s commitment to contribute to a net-zero transportation industry via bringing down lifecycle emissions, creating new recycling techniques and launching new sustainable materials.

Magna, Supporting Partner on Go Move 2022, is among the leading suppliers in the automotive sector. With over 60 years of history, the company has expertise on vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing. 

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During the six-month accelerator, the startup participants will benefit from mentorship, networking, and workshops an will have engagement opportunities with BASF and Magna on joint pilots and developments, investment opportunities and more. The startups will also receive desk space and membership at Greentown Labs during the program, as well as $25,000 in non-dilutive grant funding. 

Greentown Labs is the biggest startup incubator in North America and its Greentown Go programs follow five tracks: Go Move (transportation), Go Make (manufacturing), Go Energize (energy and electricity), Go Build (buildings), and Go Grow (food and agriculture). 

Startups from across the globe can apply to Go Move 2022 by Sept. 30, 2022 at at 11:59 p.m. ET.

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