Greenlyte Carbon To Deliver DAC Unit To Cella Mineral Storage In Kenya

Greenlyte Carbon Technologies To Deliver DAC Unit To Cella Mineral Storage In Kenya - Carbon Herald

Earlier this week Cella Mineral Storage and Greenlyte Carbon Technologies announced the two companies will be entering a partnership for the delivery and installation of a direct air capture (DAC) unit at Cella’s demo project located in Kenya.

With the announcement Greenlyte becomes one of the many DAC companies exploring opportunities in Kenya, which is showing signs of becoming a potential hub for the industry.

The country’s significant renewable energy potential, as well as the suitable geology along the Great Rift Valley in Africa have attracted other companies as well. Back in September 2023 Climeworks announced it will partner with local company Great Carbon Valley to develop multiple projects.

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Cella’s technology accelerates the natural geologic process of CO2 mineralization by injecting captured CO2 from the atmosphere deep underground into highly reactive basalt rocks, where it turns into a solid form.

This approach will be combined with Greenlyte’s DAC technology, that captures CO2 from ambient air at high energy efficiency while producing hydrogen as a byproduct.

Initial test are planned for later in 2024 and will be done with Greenlyte’s bottled carbon dioxide.

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