Greenlyte Carbon Technologies Removes CO2 From Air While Making Hydrogen

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Direct air capture technologies have been an intriguing part of the pot of solutions to climate change. Greenlyte Carbon Technologies (GCT) is a direct air capture company founded in September 2022, that has developed a low-energy approach to removing CO2 from the air while also producing hydrogen as a byproduct. 

Up until May this year, the company raised €3.5 million ($3.8 million) in pre-seed financing to fund its growth. It has now announced it completed a pre-seed extension round, raising an additional €4.5 million ($4.9 million), bringing its total funding to €8 million ($8.7 million), as reported by

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Greenlyte Carbon Technologies is based in Essen, the heart of industrial Germany and in proximity to universities, technical, global chemical, industrial, and energy giants.

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According to the company, its technology is based on 3 main process steps – absorption in a liquid, precipitation as hydrogen carbonate, and desorption either through alkaline water electrolysis, which produces hydrogen as a by-product, or through thermal, low calorific waste heat.

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It is based on 15 years of research with working prototypes and has filed relevant patent applications. The startup is founded by 2 serial entrepreneurs Florian Hildebrand (CEO), Dr. Nicholas Friederichsen (CTO) and an experienced DAC researcher Dr. Peter Behr (CSO).

The company’s climate goals are ambitious, it wants to achieve CO2 capture costs well below €100 per ton in the coming years and reach a 1 gigaton carbon removal scale annually by 2050.

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