Green Investment Tracker Sugi Launches A Carbon Offset Feature

Sugi – the UK’s first green investing platform enabling investors to check their carbon impact, is releasing a new feature helping customers to offset the carbon impact of their investments. To do that, Sugi has teamed up with Ecosphere+ for the purchase of verified carbon offset credits from forest conservation projects.

“We recognize that there are a number of valid reasons for investors to have holdings in higher carbon industries, which is why we’re enabling investors to rebalance their impact through our new offsetting feature,” said Josh Gregory, CEO of Sugi.

The app allows retail investors to check the emissions impact of their investments and compare different instruments with industry benchmarks – all that to help them build a greener portfolio. The tool also facilitates users in offsetting the carbon footprint of their portfolio against a small undisclosed charge. 

For carbon offsetting, Investors can purchase as many Ecosphere+ vouchers as they need directly from the app. Sugi is taking a small part of what people pay to purchase the carbon offsets vouchers.

According to Lisa Walker, CEO of Ecosphere+, after the latest IPCC report, UK investors will be increasingly looking for ways to offset their carbon impact and take action on the journey to a net zero world. Services like a green investment checker and carbon offsets are gaining popularity and would enable the finance sector to be part of the low carbon transition

However, the company still claims offsetting is not enough for companies to cut emissions. Decarbonizing their operations and value chains completely is what could make the biggest difference for the world to actually eliminate greenhouse gases.  

In addition to the carbon offset feature, Sugi introduced another green service earlier this year in March. The service allows users to check if their investment portfolios are aligned with the 2°C increase laid out in the Paris Agreement.

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