Grassroots Carbon Partners With TINT To Offset Emissions From Events And Tourism

Grassroots Carbon Partners With TINT To Offset Emissions From Events And Tourism - Carbon Herald
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New carbon removal partnership unlocks carbon footprint reductions for the tourism and events business. TINT – a marketing and engagement company providing a platform trusted by 5,000+ leading global brands to create communities and engagement, boosting conversions, and fostering long lasting brand loyalty, announced the launch of TINT Green, a first-of-its-kind partnership with carbon credit developer Grassroots Carbon. 

TINT Green will allow events, festivals, and tourism organizations to offset their activations’ carbon footprint via Grassroots Carbon’s sustainable soil carbon initiatives. 

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“Sustainability is increasingly important to us and to our customers around the world… This new service combines TINT’s experience in events and global tourism brands with Grassroots Carbon’s science-backed soil carbon credits… Offsetting and negating your event’s carbon footprint has never been easier,” said Sameer Kamat, TINT CEO. 

Grassroots Carbon is a grasslands restoration and soil carbon storage company, gathering a team of soil scientists, ranchers, software engineers, and entrepreneurs to speed up nature-based sustainable solutions of climate change. Ranchers are asked to implement new regenerative practices to improve soil health, using the power of photosynthesis to drive carbon deep underground amongst extensive root systems.

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One of the practices is rotating their cattle between paddocks more frequently to allow the forage on grazed land to grow, rest, and recover. The process accelerates photosynthesis. The benefits below ground from the regenerative practices are nurturing the soil, increasing microbiology, improving water retention, increasing forage quality and quantity above ground. 

“Grassroots Carbon is thrilled to partner with TINT in this groundbreaking TINT Green initiative. Our partnership represents a powerful combination of innovation and sustainability, leveraging TINT’s expertise in delivering innovative marketing solutions with Grassroots Carbon’s rigorous commitment to generating high-quality carbon credits. Through this partnership, we aim to offset the carbon footprint from events and showcase the remarkable benefits of regenerative land management practices in combating climate change,” also commented Brad Tipper, Grassroots Carbon CEO.

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