Grassroots Carbon And Nestlé Join Forces To Decarbonize The Beef Supply Chain With Regenerative Land Management In The US

Grassroots Carbon And Nestlé Join Forces To Decarbonize The Beef Supply Chain With Regenerative Land Management In The US - Carbon Herald
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Grassroots Carbon, a pioneering leader in carbon removals in U.S. grasslands, is thrilled to announce a partnership with Nestlé, a global leader in nutrition, health, and wellness.

This collaboration aims to support regenerative land management practices and remove carbon in Nestlé’s U.S. supply shed, with a primary focus on enhancing soil health and significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

Both Grassroots Carbon and Nestlé recognize the critical role that agriculture, particularly livestock production, plays in our ecosystem and the subsequent impact on climate change. Grassroots Carbon works with ranchers to measure and certify carbon storage, and monitor and measure carbon levels in their soil.

The partnership will measure and certify additional carbon sequestered over a 15-year period. Nestlé’s investment helps defray the expenses ranchers incur when implementing regenerative land practices.

Regenerative land management practices, including rotational grazing, cover cropping, and holistic range management, have demonstrated their potential to restore soil and food system health, enhance biodiversity, and sequester carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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By integrating these practices into the beef supply chain, Grassroots Carbon and Nestlé aim to make a significant positive impact on the environment while simultaneously supporting the livelihoods of local land stewards.

The partnership further reinforces Nestlé’s ongoing efforts to work with suppliers and stakeholders to decarbonize and drive positive change across its value chain.

“Building a sustainable future takes everyone. Partnerships with leaders in the sustainability movement like Nestlé are crucial to our shared mission of combating climate change. Through the investment into carbon removals, we can help ranchers across the U.S. restore grasslands,” said Henk Mooiweer, Co-Founder of Grassroots Carbon.

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