Governor Of Indiana Signs New Carbon Capture Bill

Governor Of Indiana Signs New Carbon Capture Bill - Carbon Herald
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This week, Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill to create the legal framework for carbon capture and underground storage of CO2 in Indiana.

Many believe the new bill will have a pivotal role for northwest Indiana in the budding carbon industry and might even make it one of the nation’s largest carbon sequestration hubs and centers for hydrogen production. 

Paul Mitchell, CEO of Indianapolis-based Energy Systems Network, is certain that Indiana is uniquely positioned to become one of the most important locations for carbon storage in the country. 

The state’s underground geological formations, typically called saline aquifers, that are particularly found in its northern part are ideally suited for carbon capture and sequestration.

Thanks to the new law, companies that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint will now be able to ship their captured CO2 emissions to these underground pockets via pipelines for permanent storage. 

Not only will this benefit the environment, it will also be beneficial to the economy, by supporting the jobs in hard-to-abate industries that can now slowly but surely start their decarbonization journey.

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Furthermore, CO2 is a traded commodity with demand increasing by the day, especially in the wake of raging carbon dioxide shortages, for instance, in the food and beverage sector.

Hence, the new legislation can help unlock further opportunities for manufacturing in the region.

What sets Indiana apart from other states with this bill is that the state now has a permit program set up, which is an effective means of cutting down regulation costs and will help encourage investments. 

With that said, the law may even provide an opportunity for Indiana to profit on CO2, be it via fees or taxes for sequestering carbon emissions at the various sites throughout the state. 

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  1. This is a very dangerous “pilot project.” We know that money is the main issue here, not people’s lives. Why was this not brought forth with the community before these permits were issued to Wabash Valley Resources. This sight is being proposed to happen in Vigo County. How unfair is it to your constituents that there land could just be taken away from them. I just don’t understand how you can condemn us. We should have been informed. Wabash Valley Resource services or whatever they are calling themselves these days, should have had meetings with the public. Nobody cared , did they? YOU and whoever don’t care about the people or what the people want. It is not going under your and other Indiana lawmakers homes. Have you done any research on this yourself! Have you researched “pore storage)? I and many others in this area are so disappointed in our state leaders. It all boils down to GREED AN MONEY! This whole world has gone bonkers. So little respect for others anymore. You and your colleges are voted in by we the people. We expect you to protect and help us. You have and other’s have failed us miserably. You may not be running for office anymore but other’s are. We the people put you all you in these positions and we the people can remove you.

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