Commits $30M To Support Climate Technology Organizations Commits $30M To Support Climate Technology Organizations - Carbon Herald

The Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation has announced $30 million funding to support up-and-coming climate technology projects.

According to the rules of the campaign, each of the selected organizations may be awarded up to $5 million in funding in addition to access to a range of Google’s products and the tech giant’s invaluable technical expertise.

The funding is aimed at supporting the work of organizations, including non-profits and experts in the field of climate change to boost their advances in climate information and action. 

Previous initiatives by have been focused on restoring ecosystems, providing small businesses with a means to calculate their CO2 emissions and mapping the world’s carbon footprint. 

Now, the campaign strives to shed light on what have so far been unclear or poorly understood climate challenges and facilitate collective actions to solve them. 

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Applications for the Impact Challenge on Climate Innovation are now officially open and can be submitted via the initiative’s official website

Those eligible to apply for the program are mainly not-for-profit organizations and companies or businesses that have an explicit charitable purpose.

The entry criteria is listed in full detail at the bottom of the page. 

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