Google Is Helping Swedish Startup Build A Carbon Emissions Tracker

Google Is Helping Swedish Start-Up Build A Carbon Emissions Tracker - Carbon Herald
Image by Denys Vitali from Pixabay

A team of engineers at Google have teamed up with Swedish startup company Normative to build a new carbon emissions tracker software that will help companies track their CO2 emissions and calculate their carbon footprint.

The new tracker is set to be a ‘starter version’ that will initially be made available for free. It works by analyzing transactions in a company’s accounting system, including travel for business, energy bills, purchases of raw materials and other small expenses that businesses tend to ignore.

Kristian Ronn, co-founder and CEO of Normative, shared his reasons for taking on the task of developing the new carbon emissions tracker, which are that roughly two thirds of all greenhouse gas emissions come from companies. And, in his own words, ‘what gets measured gets managed’.

In a time when the world is facing a climate crisis and decisive action to mitigate it is imperative, Normative is determined to provide businesses with a valuable tool to help them accurately track and, therefore, reduce their CO2 emissions.

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The Swedish startup has secured another 10 million euros ($11.5 million) from investors this week in addition to the funding it has received from billionaire Chris Sacca’s Lowercarbon Capital and other investors in the seven years since it was founded.

And already Normative is providing access to its software to hundreds of large firms, among which is French bank BNP Paribas, charging differently based on the size of the company.

Although Ronn chose not to disclose the exact rates, he did point out that it is significantly cheaper than paying sustainability consultants to do the same job.

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As of October this year, Google is volunteering around a dozen of its best engineers to join Normative full-time, for six months, pro bono, to help build a free starter version. The support comes after Google also backed the company with a €1 million investment earlier this year.

This way, the hopes are to make Normative’s technology more accessible and easily available as an effective means to address climate change. 

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