Gold Standard Releases Public Carbon Regulations Tracker

Gold Standard Releases Public Carbon Regulations Tracker - Carbon Herald

Gold Standard has today released a new public tracker of jurisdictional carbon market regulations, increasing visibility on regulations across continents for project developers, governments, and other market actors.

The tracker is intended to support greater awareness and understanding of an increasing number of regulations globally, in order to enable compliance, inform decision-making and allow the identification of trends and best practice.

The research and development of the tracker was commissioned to South Pole, a Swiss based carbon project expert and climate consultancy, following a public request for proposals in late 2023.

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Upon first release, the tracker covers 34 jurisdictions including 41 international, national, and subnational regulations, with information covering type and status of regulation, entry into force dates, a comprehensive summary, as well as links to the regulations and other useful resources. The tracker will be updated over time as more regulations are introduced.

Commenting on the release Margaret Kim, Gold Standard CEO, said: “Cooperation is vital for our collective journey towards the Global Goals, and information transparency is vital to help us to reach our destination. Our new public tracker for carbon regulations will help project developers, governments and others to make informed decisions in both the compliance and voluntary markets across continents, ultimately leading to more investment, and most importantly more impact.”

Dr. Daniel Klier, CEO at South Pole said: “It’s vital that corporates and governments are supported to navigate the evolving landscape of carbon market regulation, which is why South Pole is proud to partner with Gold Standard to launch this innovative platform. We’re confident this platform will strengthen engagement across the market to scale crucial climate investment.”

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Gold Standard will host a webinar on the 17 July during, which will feature a presentation of the new tracker by South Pole, and a panel exploring emerging trends in national regulations, implications for market actors, and some examples of good practice. The webinar is now open for registration.

Gold Standard launched a programme of work in December 2023, supported by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), to support users, partners, and other stakeholders to respond to the growth of national regulation and government engagement in carbon market activities, and to maximise the benefits of this transition for local communities, governments, and project developers.

This tracker has been developed under this programme. More information about the programme of work can be found on the Gold Standard website.

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