Global Environmental Disclosure Platform CDP Appoints Sherry Madera as CEO

Global Environmental Disclosure Platform CDP Appoints Sherry Madera as CEO - Carbon Herald

The non-profit organization CDP, a leader in providing climate research insights and a platform for global environmental disclosure, has appointed Sherry Madera as its future Chief Executive Officer.

With a solid background in public policy and sustainability, Madera is perfectly positioned to lead the company into its next period of expansion and advancement.

Sherry Madera currently holds the position of Senior Vice President of Public Policy at Mastercard and serves as the Chair of the Future of Sustainable Data Alliance (FoSDA), an international organization dedicated to promoting data needs to achieve sustainable growth in finance.

She commented on her new role by saying: “I’m honoured to be joining CDP as data is recognised for its critical importance in measuring and managing climate actions. The scale of the climate and nature crises means CDP’s work is more urgent than ever. Without data we are blind in the fight against climate change and CDP’s pioneering role has become mainstream and essential to stakeholders including governments and regulators. I’m looking forward to working with a talented global team to build on our unique position in the climate data ecosystem to help define global policy and drive corporate action on climate change.”

Starting in October 2023, she will replace the current interim CEO, Jamie Neil, as she steps into her new role as CEO at CPD.

Paul Dickinson, Founder and Chair of CDP, said: “I’m delighted that Sherry will be joining CDP as CEO. Our work over the past 20 years means our data is now the bedrock of climate action, enabling companies, governments, and regulators worldwide to successfully set and meet climate commitments. Sherry has the perfect mix of skills to build on our success and lead CDP into a new era of environmental leadership at a critical time in the fight against climate change.”

The ‘Carbon Disclosure Project’ was founded in 2000 as a platform where companies were encouraged to display their climate impact. The organization was led by the vision that, in order to reverse climate change, we first need to be aware of the effect of our actions on nature and the environment.

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In 2013, the non-profit changed its name to the shorter ‘CDP’ and continued its work passionately to this day, advocating for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the protection of water resources and forestlands.

Their recent growth is evident by the data available for 2022, when about 740 financial institutions and 280 major purchasers requested disclosed information from over 18,700 companies and over 1,100 cities, states, and regions, who then displayed their information on the CDP platform in regards to the impact of their operations on climate, deforestation, and water safety.

Both Sherry Madera and Paul Dickinson, Founder and Chair of CDP, expressed their enthusiasm for their future collaboration. CDP’s development goals involve extending its range of focus to encompass various domains like biodiversity, plastics, and oceans while acknowledging the interdependence between nature and the Earth’s systems.

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