German Industry, Unions, Environmentalists Team Up To Call On Govt For CCS Guidelines

German Industry, Unions, Environmentalists Team Up To Call On Govt For CCS Guidelines - Carbon Herald
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A coalition comprising industry leaders, unions, and environmentalists has jointly called on the German government to provide explicit guidelines on carbon capture and storage (CCS) as part of an effort to address emissions that cannot currently be avoided.

The unusual collaboration includes the Federation of German Industries (BDI), the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB), and environmental advocates such as WWF and NABU, Reuters reported Wednesday.

This diverse group emphasized the need for Berlin to formulate a strategy that promotes participation in carbon capture and establishes stringent quality criteria for industries, facilitating a transformative shift to protect the climate.

A joint statement, distributed by WWF and cited by Reuters, stressed the importance of embracing change for successful sustainability rather than adhering to familiar practices.

Germany’s Economy Ministry is reportedly working on a CCS strategy, aiming to overcome legal obstacles associated with handling CO2 emissions from industrial sites and transporting them to locations, including depleted hydrocarbon fields beneath the North Sea.

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The coalition’s move marks a shift in approach, particularly as environmentalists have traditionally opposed underground or subsea CCS due to security concerns and its potential to prolong fossil fuel usage.

While prioritizing the avoidance and reduction of CO2 emissions, the group acknowledged CCS as a necessary tool to sustain existing industrial processes and attract investments in green technologies.

Germany’s ambitious targets include achieving 80% green electricity in its energy mix by 2030 and reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 65% from 1990 levels.

Despite progress, the expansion of renewable energies remains insufficient to reach these targets, Viviane Raddatz, WWF’s Director for Climate & Energy Policy, was quoted as saying by Reuters.

German companies such as E.ON, Wintershall Dea, and RWE are exploring potential CCS projects with partners, including Norway.

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