GEA Announces Carbon Capture Portfolio For Cement, Other High-Emission Industries

GEA Announces Carbon Capture Portfolio For Cement, Other High-Emission Industries - Carbon Herald
Image: GEA

Düsseldorf-based technology group GEA (ETR: G1A) announced Monday its carbon capture portfolio for the cement sector and other high-emission industries, aimed at making decarbonization both efficient and cost-effective.

The company also said its solutions have shown remarkable results in practical trials conducted at the Phoenix Zementwerke pilot plant in Beckum, Germany, reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in cement production by 90%.

At the facility, which produces 500,000 tons of cement annually, around 1,000 tons of CO2 are emitted daily.

GEA is conducting extensive data collection on carbon emissions from the plant’s exhaust air, using this information to refine the system for larger emission volumes. The options offered include carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon capture and utilization (CCU).

If the cement industry were a country, it would rank as the third-largest contributor to global carbon emissions, GEA said in its statement.

Carbon capture has the potential to transform high-emission industries such as cement, glass, and chemicals, greatly enhancing their environmental sustainability.

With a carbon capture portfolio encompassing proven technologies that recover waste heat, pretreat gas, capture CO2, and prepare it for utilization or storage, GEA is positioning itself as a pioneer in this field, CEO Stefan Klebert said in a comment.

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The company’s portfolio comprises four plant sizes, tailored to the waste heat generated in carbon-emitting processes.

These systems can efficiently remove carbon emissions with minimal energy input once adapted to the specific production plant.

The growing need for action and market readiness to invest suggest that CO2 can transition from being a problematic pollutant to a valuable resource for other industrial processes.

Dr. Felix Ortloff, Senior Director of GEA Carbon Capture Solutions, stressed the importance of an individualized approach to explore carbon utilization possibilities and the required infrastructure for every customer, which would usher in a new sector of the economy centered around CO2 reuse.

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