GE Demonstrates Scalable Direct Air Capture Tech

GE Demonstrates Scalable Direct Air Capture Tech - Carbon Herald
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GE has just announced the successful demonstration of its new direct air capture (DAC) system that may prove to be an effective solution for carbon removal at scale. 

The new DAC system is part of GE’s efforts to develop innovative and scalable solutions for carbon dioxide removal (CDR), led by the company’s CAGE (Climate Action@GE) Lab in Niskayuna, New York. 

The CAGE Lab works alongside experts from the US Department of Energy (DOE), Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E), and a number of other partners in industry and academia, all working towards the acceleration of CDR advancements and the adoption of decarbonization solutions. 

The multinational conglomerate’s system combines its core specialty in heat changers, novel materials, and thermal management with a cutting-edge technical approach. 

After the successful trial of its first direct air capture prototype, GE announced it is planning to launch several other DAC demonstrations of larger scale starting next year. 

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According to GE’s Carbon Capture Breakout Technology Leader, David Moore, this recent breakthrough is the result of over a two-year effort to construct a leading team internally and externally. 

“We know that to truly bring an economical, commercial-scale solution in DAC to the market, it will require a collaborative effort with government, industry, and academic partners,” Moore said.

If done correctly, Moore expects to see a DAC solution that is commercially deployable already by 2030.

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