GE And Southern Company Team Up For Carbon Carbon Capture Project

GE And Southern Company Team Up For Carbon Carbon Capture Project - Carbon Herald

General Electric (GE) and Southern Company, together with Linde, BASF and Kiewit have announced that they will be working on a study for integrating carbon capture technology in a natural gas plant.

The plant in question is Southern Company’s James M. Barry Electric Generating Plant in Bucks, AL. and the study has received $5.7 million in funding from the Department of Energy (DOE) after going through a selection process by the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management.

The goal of the study, also refered to as FEED, is to achieve a 95% capture rate for the generated CO2 emissions from the plant by retrofitting two of the plant’s gas turbines.

One important condition of this target is to reduce harmfull emissions while still keeping the characteristics and performance of the plant when it comes to efficiency, capacity and inertia.

As the manufacturer of the turbines GE will lead the project with Linde supplying their Gen 2 CO2 capture solution which is in turn based on the BASF OASE blue technology.

In an interview with Power Magazine, the director of Decarbonization Marketing in GE Gas Power John Catillaz commented that the study could potentially form a “decarbonization roadmap” for the entire thermal generation industry.

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Scott Strazik, CEO of GE Power, also commented on the vital role of the funding from the DOE has played by saying: “GE is pleased that the DOE has recognised the importance of this study and grateful for their support. We look forward to joining forces with Southern Company, Linde, BASF and Kiewit to execute this study focused on the integration of carbon capture technologies on a fully functional natural gas combined cycle power plant to help lower the cost of carbon capture and improve the operability and flexibility of the integrated plant.”

Linde and GE also announced a broader partnership agreement yesterday, with a focus on indetifying and developing more opportunities for carbon capture projects in the US and Canada.

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