Frontier Signs $58.3M Carbon Removal Deal With Vaulted

Frontier Signs $58.3M Carbon Removal Deal With Vaulted - Carbon Herald

Advance market commitment Frontier has partnered with Vaulted Deep, a new business focused on removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Vaulted Deep takes organic waste rich in carbon and injects it far underground for permanent storage. 

The company was spun out of and uses technology from Advantek Waste Management Services, a well-established industrial waste disposal company.

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Frontier‘s clients are paying $58.3 million to permanently remove over 152,000 tons of CO₂ between now and 2027. 

They also have the option to buy even more carbon removal in the future at a lower price. Frontier was actually Vaulted Deep‘s first customer, buying a small amount (1,666 tons) last September, all of which has already been delivered. 

This new agreement allows Vaulted Deep to build three new facilities designed to make collecting materials, transporting them, and storing them underground as efficient as possible.

Vaulted Deep’s method leverages nature’s CO₂ removal: plants. 

Plants take in CO₂ through photosynthesis. But when plants die or waste products like manure, food scraps, or farm waste are burned, landfilled, or spread on fields, the captured carbon is released back into the air. 

Vaulted Deep stops this cycle by turning that waste into a thick liquid (slurry) rich in carbon and injecting it deep underground, where it will be safely stored for thousands of years. 

They carefully track the amount of carbon removed by considering the weight of the carbon in the waste and subtracting any emissions caused by transportation or processing the waste.

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Julia Reichelstein, CEO at Vaulted Deep, said: “Vaulted’s technology, developed by Advantek, has been primed to address carbon removal for decades, even before there was a market.”

“Technologies like ours that can scale quickly without compromising durability or quality will lead the way. Our proven CDR is what makes possible Frontier’s largest offtake to date.”

Hannah Bebbington, Strategy Lead at Frontier, commented on the new deal: “Vaulted went from inception to delivering thousands of tons in just four months and is now among the first carbon removal companies to sign a multi-million dollar offtake agreement. This shows what’s possible when the expertise of traditional industry players is repurposed for carbon removal.”

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