Frontier’s Next CDR Knowledge Gap Database Session To Take Place May 3rd

Frontier Next CDR Knowledge Gap Database Session To Take Place May 3rd - Carbon Herald
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Frontier – the advanced market commitment from leading global corporations for carbon removal purchases, is hosting a new event focused on direct air capture. The event is part of larger series of online community sessions that are dedicated to research and innovation knowledge gaps in the field. 

The series started back in 2022 and are dedicated to the CDR Knowledge Gap Database that Frontier launched in the fall of 2022. The fourth session of the series will take place on Wednesday, May 3rd at 9 am PT and will focus on key knowledge gaps around direct air capture technologies.

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The session will cover gaps in DAC spanning fundamental science, MRV, and technical and engineering needs. Professors and experts in the field – Susana García, Greg Mutch, and Jason Hochman are invited to discuss the matter with Join Silvan Aeschlimann and Charithea Charalambous.

The Carbon Removal Knowledge Gap Database is an initiative of Frontier and represents a dynamic database of research and innovation gaps across carbon removal technologies. It is an open-source database that encourages researchers and experts to fill the gaps based on their field and knowledge of the industry.

The database highlights major knowledge and innovation gaps across the field and aims to make an initial list of 100+ gaps. Each one has attributes to help orient a user to the gap, its impact if filled, and who might be best positioned to fill it.

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It aims to make critical knowledge gaps across carbon removal technologies more visible and could be used for various purposes even by philanthropists looking for areas to fund. As some carbon removal pathways and approaches are under-explored, the database could be used as a directional tool to help quickly surface high-impact themes that need attention.

The Carbon Removal Knowledge Gap Database’s initial version is also a collaboration between Frontier, RMI’s Carbon Removal Initiative, academics, carbon removal suppliers, and philanthropies.

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