Frontier Makes Largest Carbon Removal Purchase From Lithos Carbon

Frontier Makes Largest Carbon Removal Purchase From Lithos Carbon - Carbon Herald
Source: Alex Mercier from Pixabay

Frontier, an advance market commitment to speed up carbo removal, has just made its largest carbon removal purchase from Lithos Carbon. 

The initiative has agreed to pay Lithos Carbon, a CO2 removal company specializing in enhanced rock weathering, a total of $57.1 million to remove 154,240 tons of carbon dioxide. 

As per the conditions of the agreement, Lithos will remove said amount in the period between 2024 and 2028.

This marks not only the largest purchase Frontier has ever made, but also the largest enhanced rock weathering purchase to date.

As one of the most promising carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions currently in use, enhanced rock weathering offers a number of benefits, among which are its immediate scalability and storage permanence (around 10,000 years).

Furthermore, the approach provides a win-win for farmers, who can not only use enhanced weathering to generate carbon credits, but who can enjoy better crop yields thanks to the CO2-enhanced soil.

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Mary Yap, founder and CEO of Lithos Carbon, commented on the new announcement by saying: “This offtake accelerates our deployment by 3–4 years, allowing us to push the limits of our established supply chain and accelerate scientific understanding across diverse soils and climates.”

“By publicly sharing this data, we hope to help enhanced weathering scale safely and responsibly. By learning faster, we unlock a step-function reduction in cost, and compounding benefits for agricultural communities. We’re thrilled to have Frontier’s support in scaling transparent and scientifically rigorous removal—this agreement will help pave the way for billion-ton carbon removal,” Yap concluded. 

Lithos Carbon expects to deliver over half of the purchased carbon removals already by the end of 2025, which is more CO2 removed from the atmosphere than has been achieved so far across all existing approaches. 

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  1. In order for the world to survive by breathing uncontaminated oxygen and be able to grow enough food to feed the billions of us, we have to embrace CCS regardless of cost and/or inconvenience. Of course, there are 75 mm registered individuals in this country that cannot comprehend this issue. They are Make America Gasp Again.

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