Frontier Carbon Solutions Gets $40M DOE Grant For Carbon Storage Hub

Frontier Carbon Solutions Gets US$40M DOE Grant For Carbon Storage Hub - Carbon Herald

Carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) project developer Frontier Carbon Solutions and the School of Energy Resources (SER) at the University of Wyoming have recently been granted US$40.5 million under CarbonSAFE initiative of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to further develop the Sweetwater Carbon Storage Hub (SCS Hub).

The SCS Hub, which covers more than 45,000 acres in southwestern Wyoming, will be one of North America’s first open source, multipurpose carbon storage hubs, according to a statement by Frontier.

The company also said that it has submitted three Class VI UIC Permits for carbon dioxide (CO2) injection with the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.

With the SCS Hub, the partners seek to provide a carbon management solution for industrial emitters across the Mountain West.

Once the project is fully developed, it is expected to have a storage capacity of over 350 million metric tons of CO2 in geologic reservoirs.

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“This partnership allows us to highlight Wyoming as a key leader in carbon storage and we will utilize this capital to accelerate the development of the SCS Hub,” Robby Rockey, President and Co-CEO of Frontier, said in a comment.

According to the statement, Frontier and SER will use the DOE funds to invest in the SCS Hub, including drilling Class VI injection wells and expanded reservoir characterization.

Frontier is a portfolio company of Tailwater Capital, which recently upsized its equity commitment to the CCUS Project developer, a move that is expected to help further develop the SCS Hub into the preeminent carbon storage complex in the Rocky Mountain region.

In addition to the above, Frontier announced that co-founder Alicia Summers, who has more than two decades of reservoir and principal investment experience, had been promoted to Chief Development Officer.

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