France Launches Call For Interest For Carbon Capture And Storage

France Launches Call For Interest For Carbon Capture And Storage - Carbon Herald
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Last week, the Industry ministry of France issued a call for interest for carbon capture and storage (CCS) at different sites to help decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors. 

This initiative aims to assist carbon-intensive industries like cement, steel, and aluminum production reduce their environmental impact.

France’s Industry minister Roland Lescure, speaking at a Technip Energies facility in Yonne, central France, emphasized the importance of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technology. 

CCUS traps carbon dioxide released during fuel combustion and stores it in depleted oil wells or other designated sites.

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However, a recent report by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) cast doubt on CCUS’s effectiveness in curbing emissions, citing low capture rates, high costs, and a history of underachievement.

Despite these concerns, companies have until June to express their interest. Storage targets include remaining French oil well operators and owners of depleted wells.

Lescure highlighted government support for CCUS technology through subsidies and investment assistance. He stressed that time is of the essence and warned that in the race to reach net zero by 2050, every year wasted is a setback for the planet.

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The minister also pledged to streamline permitting processes for installing CCUS equipment in factories. “We need to simplify permits,” he explained. “If a site can extract oil, it should be able to store captured CO2 there.”

The second phase, slated to conclude by mid-December, will involve government testing of various capture and storage sites. If successful, initial storage could begin as early as 2027.

Lescure additionally hinted at an impending announcement regarding a decarbonization strategy for the transportation sector.

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