Flue2Chem Initiative To Transform Captured CO2 Into Valuable Products

Flue2Chem Initiative To Transform Captured CO2 Into Valuable Products - Carbon Herald
Beena Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder of CCUI, with the carbon capture equipment for Flue2Chem. Credit: Flue2Chem.

The Flue2Chem Initiative, a collaborative effort across various industries in the scientific community, has accomplished a major milestone in a project focused on achieving carbon-neutral production of everyday household items. 

As of this week, greenhouse gas emissions from industrial chimneys in the United Kingdom will be repurposed into components for household cleaning products.

The Flue2Chem Initiative is paving the way for innovative solutions to mitigate the impact of industrial emissions on the environment. 

The cross-sector collaboration is aimed at discovering a substitute raw material for virgin fossil fuel in the production of various goods, such as cosmetics and plastics. It will explore the possibility of utilizing carbon dioxide emissions from industries as a valuable alternative source of carbon.

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During the first stage, the partners will examine the potential for converting CO2 emissions from paper manufacturing into surfactants—compounds used in the production of household products such as laundry detergents and dishwashing solvents—on a large scale.

CCUI, a tech spin-off company from the University of Sheffield, has developed a groundbreaking technology to capture carbon dioxide emissions from paper manufacturing facilities in Irvine, Scotland and Workington. The innovative technology was produced in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire.

This week, the project will capture the first batch of carbon dioxide at the Holmen Iggesund Paperboard Mill in Workington, UK.

The captured CO2 will be transported to dedicated facilities at the University of Sheffield and CPI in Redcar, Teesside, UK. At these locations, the carbon dioxide will be processed and converted into chemical building blocks for surfactants. 

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This will allow the collaborating partners to examine the feasibility of the process, and the results will provide insight to the industry and government regarding the potential for utilizing alternative fossil fuel sources for various household and consumer goods.

The team will focus on evaluating the technical viability of this innovative mechanism as well as the economic effects of establishing a new supply network of this kind.

The Flue2Chem initiative started in December 2022 and is set to finish its research by early 2025. The estimated cost of the project is £5 million, with £2.7 million in funding provided by Innovate UK.

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