FLSmidth And Carbon8 Systems Sign A Carbon Capture Deal

FLSmidth And Carbon8 Systems Sign A Carbon Capture Deal - Carbon Herald

FLSmidth – a company providing sustainable services to the mining and cement industries and Carbon8 Systems – carbon capture and waste management tech company, have signed an agreement to work together for carbon capture technologies acceleration. 

The two companies aim to combine their knowledge and expertise to facilitate the carbon capture technologies being used in the cement industry. FLSmidth plans to use its global network to extend the reach of C8S’ carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) solution.


“FLSmidth will work closely with C8S to accelerate the implementation of its technology and we will draw upon our in-depth know-how, our products and our global presence. This agreement is a significant leap forward in our joint efforts to deliver on the sustainability ambitions for the global cement industry,” said Carsten Riisberg Lund, Cement President for FLSmidth. 

Carbon8 Systems Carbon Capture Technology

C8S’ advanced technology can help the cement industry achieve its decarbonization goal. The CCUS technology creates valuable products from CO2. 

The company uses a chemical process to treat industrial residues like hazardous waste and mixes it together with captured CO2 to create a lightweight aggregate which can be used in construction. It takes CO2 directly from process gasses and combines it with bypass dust from the production to manufacture the product. 

The global cement industry is currently accountable for 7-8% of global carbon emissions. Urgent efforts are needed for the sector to address its carbon footprint so new technological processes in its production are evolving. According to FLSmidth, CCUS is essential to achieve a sustainable cement industry and the world’s net zero ambitions.

The partnership of the two carbon capture companies signals the industry is moving forward to transition how it works. There is a joint webinar in October 2021, where the companies will lay out the plan for the commercialization of their partnership.  

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