Flowserve To Contribute To Carbon Capture Plant In Norway

Flowserve To Contribute To Carbon Capture Plant In Norway - Carbon Herald

Leading service provider of flow control services Flowserve Corporation will contribute control valves to Norway’s first open-source carbon capture and storage facility.

2.54 billion metric tons of CO2 were emitted by the European Union in 2020. As a result, it is a great contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. 

There is an urgent need to tone down carbon emissions in Europe with the help of upcoming projects.  And Flowserve Corporation is here to do just that at Norway’s carbon capture project.

The project is expected to end in 2024, helping speed up decarbonization in Europe effectively. 

Flowserve is one of the top fluid motion and control service providers globally, which is currently operating in 55 countries. 

It provides industrial pumps, engineered valves, seals, and everything related to flow management. 

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With great carbon reduction projects emerging worldwide, Flowserve also wants to make its contribution.

Flowserve is all set to provide Mark One control valves and Flowtop to the Bergen region’s onshore site facility. It will help speed up the carbon capture process before it is stored below the sea bed in the offshore terminal.

By the end of the project, the facility will be able to store around the upcoming 1,000 years of Norwegian emissions.

It can effectively position itself to take care of the flow control aspect in the decarbonization process. The products and services can help reduce carbon on a small scale as well. 

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This open-source carbon capture and storage project aims to diversify, digitize and decarbonize. It perfectly aligns with Flowserve’s flow control solutions.

Also, the 3D growth strategy will exponentially accelerate their growth, creating a substantial installed base in the market.

Flowserve will keep providing flow control services until there is a sure reduction in carbon footprint. 

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