First Carbon-Negative Concrete Successfully Passes Tests!

First Carbon-Negative Concrete Successfully Passes Tests! - Carbon Herald
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Lab tests at the University of Oxford have confirmed the ability of CarbonMeta’s carbon-negative concrete to absorb CO2. 

The breakthrough material has been branded as EarthCrete Cementless Concrete and has been confirmed to capture as much as 10% of CO2 by weight production. 

Concrete is known for its incredible emissions intensity, with the notoriously hard-to-abate industry accounting for some 8% of global carbon dioxide emissions. 

Hence, this innovation has the potential to significantly impact the battle against climate change and help reduce CO2 emissions in the world. 

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To illustrate the effectiveness of its now tested and certified product, CarbonMeta Technologies provided an example of a project using 1,200 metric tons of its carbon-negative concrete that would absorb 132 tons of carbon dioxide per year, which is roughly the amount emitted by 66 diesel-powered cars running an average of 12,000 miles in that same time. 

In a comment on the positive test results, CarbonMeta CEO Lloyd Spencer expressed his hopes that the successful trials of EarthCrete would help the built environment offset its own CO2 emissions. 

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  1. Great show on carbon negative concrete. Here’s another one you didn’t cover, that I just bumped into. It’s a company called Sublime (that’s a pun in case you didn’t catch it). They use a room temperature process that involves calcium-bearing silicates, not limestone, with electrolyzers not heat as the agent. Check out David Roberts on Volts for his interview with a company leader.

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