First Carbon Finance Cookstove Project In Papua New Guinea Approved By Verra

First Carbon Finance Cookstove Project In Papua New Guinea Approved By Verra - Carbon Herald
First Carbon Finance Cookstove Project In Papua New Guinea Approved By Verra – Carbon Herald

Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM), a leading provider of carbon offsetting solutions in the Asia-Pacific region, has received approval from carbon credit registry Verra for a groundbreaking cookstove project in Papua New Guinea. 

The cookstove project aims to provide communities in Papua New Guinea with cleaner and more efficient cooking solutions, reducing their reliance on traditional open fires. 

This project, titled ‘Papua New Guinea Healthier Homes, Healthier Forests,’ will utilize carbon finance to address health and environmental issues in the country. The approval from Verra marks a significant milestone for TEM, as it is the first initiative of its kind in Papua New Guinea.

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A portion of Papua New Guinea’s population relies on the region’s widespread method for cooking by using open fires, an approach that burns a significant amount of firewood and contributes to air pollution, posing a serious health hazard to local inhabitants. 

By introducing cookstoves, an environmentally friendly cooking technology, the project of TEM is forecasted to prevent the emission of nearly 3 million tons of CO2 over a decade while also providing substantial health and environmental advantages for the country’s residents.

TEM is set to launch the initial stage of the project in the Southern Highlands Province within the next few months, when they will provide more than 100,000 upgraded cookstoves to local communities free of charge. The project will later be expanded to reach other parts of the country, as a majority of households, around 80%, still use indoor open-fire cooking methods.

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TEM’s CEO, Adrian Enrigh, expressed his excitement for this key achievement in the company’s development, following a successful trial run in 2023.

He shared, “The cookstoves will provide environmental, health, and community benefits to the Southern Highlands Province of PNG by introducing local communities to more efficient and cleaner cooking practices.”

TEM’s cookstove project made history as the first of its kind to be approved under the new version 1.2 of the Verra method VMR0006, which was launched in July 2023 with a focus on increased integrity standards.

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