Finite Carbon Marketplace Launches For Carbon Credit Buyers In The VCM

Finite Carbon Marketplace Launches For Carbon Credit Buyers In The VCM - Carbon Herald

Finite Carbon, North America’s leading developer and supplier of forest carbon offsets, today announced the launch of its digital Finite Carbon Marketplace (the Marketplace).

The Marketplace was designed to foster a direct, transparent, and efficient connection between carbon offset buyers and high-quality forest carbon projects exclusively developed by Finite Carbon.

At the time of launch, there are five projects covering more than 260,000 acres which represent 5.7 million credits available for due diligence and purchase, with a robust portfolio of projects expected to be added to the Marketplace soon.

“Finite Carbon has been a leader in forest carbon project development for more than a decade, with an unwavering commitment to advancing industry-leading best practices,” said Brandon Vickery, Co-CEO at Finite Carbon. “The launch of the Finite Carbon Marketplace represents the next step in our journey, as we build upon our deep forestry expertise and decades of collective carbon market experience. Our Marketplace is a go-to source for high-integrity projects that offer landowners and buyers opportunities to leverage carbon finance to take meaningful action that addresses climate change.”

All projects on the Marketplace include a collection of landowner testimonials and site-specific photos and videos, helping buyers create a direct connection with each unique forest. Users can review project design details and supporting documentation directly from the site. Buyers interested in learning more about a project can submit inquiries directly from the Marketplace which will put them in touch with Finite Carbon’s in-house team of experts.

“Finite Carbon’s strong track record as a trusted, reliable project developer in the compliance space positions us well as we continue to expand into the voluntary carbon market,” said Daniel Crawford, Vice President of Commercial Operations at Finite Carbon. “We know that forests across North America offer some of the most environmentally and financially compelling opportunities for buyers to support high-quality, low-risk carbon projects that offer credits at scale. The Finite Carbon Marketplace is addressing a clear need by providing a platform for these credits to be sourced in an efficient and transparent manner.”

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To further deepen Finite Carbon’s connectivity with the buyer community, the company recently named David Solomon as Director of Voluntary Carbon Sales. In this role, Solomon will engage with potential buyers on project details, offtake structures, and pricing while facilitating mutually beneficial relationships with landowners.

The projects available through the Marketplace will comprise a collection of landowner types and backgrounds, including Timberland Investment Management Organizations (TIMOs), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), Indigenous communities, family and corporate landowners, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and land trusts across the United States and Canada.

All projects on the Marketplace are developed in-house by Finite Carbon and are held to rigorous third-party methodologies and market standards set by registries including the American Carbon Registry (ACR).

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