F1 Champion Tries Out Carbon Neutral Fuel

F1 Champion Tries Out Carbon Neutral Fuel - Carbon Herald
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Four-time World Drivers’ Champion Sebastian Vettel tested carbon neutral fuel on the world-famous Williams FW14B F1 car at the Silverstone Circuit.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the 1992 Silverstone Grand Prix, when Nigel Mansell won in this exact vehicle, which inspired Vettel, its owner today, to take it out onto the track. 

In addition to being a racing champion, though, Sebastian Vettel is an environmentally conscious racer, who dreams of enjoying his favorite sport in a way that does not harm the planet. 

To test this possibility, Vettel chose a carbon neutral fuel developed by P1 Fuels from biowaste and with the help of carbon capture. 

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The resulting fuel is carbon-based but is produced from actual fossil fuel that was burned and deoxidized with electricity generated from renewables and, finally, turned into fuel again that releases no additional CO2 into the atmosphere.

And one of its most remarkable features of this particular product is that it did not require any changes to be made to the engine of the 1992 Williams running on regular fossil fuel.

In other words, all Vettel’s pit crew had to do to make his Renault V10 run on the new sustainable fuel from P1 Fuels was virtually nothing, which has to do with it being formulated in a way that closely resembles the Elf formula used back in 1992. 

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