Exxon’s Imperial Backtracks On Carbon Capture Claims After Anti Greenwashing Law

Exxon’s Imperial Backtracks On Carbon Capture Claims After Anti-Greenwashing Law - Carbon Herald
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ExxonMobil’s Canadian subsidiary, Imperial Oil, has taken down a document from its website where CEO Brad Corson touted carbon capture and storage (CCS) as essential for achieving the Paris Agreement’s climate goals, after Canada passed a new anti greenwashing law.

The 2021 investor update containing Corson’s statement is one of dozens of documents referencing CCS that Imperial has removed from its website in recent weeks. 

This follows the enactment of Bill C-59 in late June, which prohibits companies from making unsubstantiated environmental claims. The legislation carries penalties of up to $10 million for false or misleading statements.

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Despite Imperial (and its parent company Exxon) having a long history of research in CCS, the oil sands producer has not provided concrete evidence to support its frequent claims to investors and the public that the technology can enable “net zero emissions.”

In response to the new law, Imperial has either deleted digital documents containing CCS references or added disclaimers stating: “Due to changes to the Competition Act, this archived information is provided solely for historical information and reference purposes,” it reads. “This information does not constitute an active representation of Imperial.”

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“If we were playing poker this would definitely be a tell,” Keith Stewart, senior energy strategist with Greenpeace Canada, told DeSmog. 

“And I’d be all in on my bet that they are not confident in the statements they have made that carbon capture is a climate solution.” 

Imperial did not respond to a detailed list of questions submitted by DeSmog. However, the company released a statement claiming “steadfast in our commitment to environmental performance and operational emissions reduction”

They further argued that the new law could “silence Canadian businesses taking climate action.”

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