ExxonMobil And EnLink Working Together On New CO2 Transportation Areas

ExxonMobil And EnLink Working Together On New CO2 Transportation Areas - Carbon Herald

ExxonMobil and EnLink are working together on new CO2 transportation areas to advance carbon capture and storage initiatives. The collaboration between these two companies is focused on exploring expansion opportunities beyond the southeast Louisiana Mississippi River Corridor to various other Gulf Coast regions.

The partnership between ExxonMobil and EnLink on CCS transportation solutions has been ongoing since their initial agreement in 2022. By combining their strengths, they are now collaborating to further develop a strategic partnership in order to cater to their clients.

Both companies are dedicated to offering affordable and effective CCS solutions to companies and industries in various Gulf Coast areas, particularly those with high levels of industrial CO2 emissions, such as the Houston Ship Channel, the Mississippi River Corridor, Lake Charles and southwest Louisiana, and Port Arthur and Beaumont, Texas.

ExxonMobil, a global leader in energy production and distribution, brings its industry knowledge and advanced technologies to the partnership, while EnLink, a midstream energy company, has a strong presence in key markets and expertise in transportation and logistics.

EnLink is rapidly establishing itself as a front-runner in offering secure and affordable CO2 pipeline transportation services, and they are eager to expand discussions with ExxonMobil to include more high-emission areas along the Gulf Coast.

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Jesse Arenivas, Chief Executive Officer of EnLink, stated that EnLink and ExxonMobil are actively seeking opportunities to create CCS solutions that are safe, reliable, and cost-effective.

On behalf of ExxonMobil, president Dan Ammann shared that he sees EnLink as a crucial component in delivering the most efficient CO2 transportation while they work continuously on enhancing their top-tier CCS solutions to assist customers in decreasing emissions. 

ExxonMobil is currently reviewing the most competitive carbon capture and storage solutions in the Gulf Coast following its purchase of Denbury.

As part of this review, EnLink and ExxonMobil have decided to reevaluate their Pecan Island Area project‘s immediate importance, anticipating that other collaborative ventures may take precedence over it.

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