Exterra, Énergir Join Forces To Advance Carbon Sequestration In Quebec

Exterra, Énergir Join Forces To Advance Carbon Sequestration In Quebec - Carbon Herald

Exterra Carbon Solutions, a startup specializing in sustainable carbon storage technology, has announced its first strategic collaboration with energy distribution and production company Énergir Development, aimed at accelerating carbon capture and enhancing sequestration efforts in Quebec.

The partners will seek to identify business opportunities stemming from their complementary expertise and foster joint, innovative decarbonization solutions concerning carbon capture, transportation, and sequestration, according to a statement by Exterra on Monday.

Exterra’s technology, which enables carbon dioxide (CO2) sequestration using mining residues, will attract major industrial players seeking sustainable decarbonization with social acceptance, Olivier Dufresne, the startup’s CEO and co-founder, said in a comment.

Collaborating with innovative sectors in Quebec and key players implementing diverse solutions is crucial to successfully managing the immense challenge of the energy transition, Jean-François Jaimes, Executive Director of Renewable Energy & LNG Development at Énergir, noted.

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Exterra leads industrial decarbonization, offering solutions for high-emission industries like aluminum smelters and cement factories to significantly reduce their carbon footprint and potentially save on carbon tax.

Since February 2024, Exterra’s pilot project has sequestered about 300 tons annually, operating in batches until June before initiating continuous operation.

By 2025, the company plans a pre-commercial demonstration plant with a 3,000-ton annual sequestration capacity, accelerating towards its Hub 1 commercial project in 2026.

Once operational, Hub 1 will be the world’s largest surface sequestration site, annually removing CO2 equivalent to 100,000 gasoline vehicles from the road.

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