Exomad Green Strikes Deal With Senken For 81,600T Of Biochar Carbon Credits

Exomad Green Strikes Deal With Senken For 81,600T Of Biochar Carbon Credits - Carbon Herald
Djamel Mekibes (CEO and co-founder of Senken) and Adrian Wons (Co-Founder & CEO of Senken). Credit: Exomad Green

Another major biochar carbon removal deal has been sealed to reduce agricultural emissions. Senken – an on-chain carbon credit exchange based on verified climate projects, and Exomad Green – a biochar producer, announced they striked an offtake agreement for the supply of 81,600 tonnes of biochar carbon removal credits between 2025 and 2028. 

The biochar batches are produced at Exomad’s facility in Concepción, Bolivia. The deal is one of the largest so far for the biochar sector and showcases the potential of the biochar technology to address sustainability goals of corporations, aiming to zero out their emissions. 

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“At Exomad Green, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Senken, marking it one of the largest Biochar transactions in history… This collaboration signifies a pivotal step forward in our commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship, reinforcing our dedication to making a positive difference in the world,” said Diego Justiniano, CEO of Exomad Green.

Exomad Green has an operational plant in Concepción, and two more on the pipeline – one under construction in Riberalta, and another in the planning stage. According to the company’s announcement, its biochar is meticulously tracked from production to application, ensuring additional transparency related to carbon removal delivery. 

The project will adhere to the Puro Standard, a leading carbon removal standard that provides science-based quantification methodologies for durable carbon removal technologies and will additionally be risk-reduced by Senken’s due diligence process. 

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“This groundbreaking collaboration with Exomad Green is a pivotal moment for Senken, showcasing our dedication to pioneering carbon removal technologies that offer real solutions to global environmental challenges. It’s a step forward that embodies our vision for closing the climate funding gap and a brighter future for communities around the world,” also added Senken CEO, Adrian Wons.

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