Everland Selects Space Intelligence As A Main Data Provider For Its REDD+ Projects

Everland Selects Space Intelligence As A Main Data Provider For Its REDD+ Projects - Carbon Herald
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Increasing nature’s carbon sink capacities is an integral part of our efforts to curb climate change via forest restoration and protection. Space Intelligence – a data provider for nature-based projects was named a main data partner by Everland – a company representing the biggest portfolio of high-quality REDD+ forest conservation projects in the world. 

Everland will use Space Intelligence’s state-of-the-art technology and data to build a picture of how land cover changes across three continents.

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According to Everland President Josh Tosteson, this multi-year partnership will help both companies pursue an ambitious evidence-based research agenda focused on assessing the effectiveness of the REDD+ mechanism in realizing measurable forest conservation outcomes.

Space Intelligence is currently providing mapping services for a portfolio of projects across Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

“Our team has a very strong scientific heritage in the field of forest monitoring, publishing over 100 scientific papers in this domain. We offer best-in-class digital Monitoring, Reporting and Verification products to support forest conservation and restoration projects globally. We’re very proud that our products are delivering value to Everland, and thereby making a real difference to the greatest challenges of our time – climate change, biodiversity loss and poverty alleviation,” said chief executive of Space Intelligence Dr Murray Collins. 

Space Intelligence is a company founded in 2017 that provides mapping services to aid the development and verification of nature-based solutions. It has expertise in satellite and ecological data analysis.

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Some of its mapping products are CanopyMapper™ which provides a large-scale overview of forest canopy changes. The tool screens the landscape to identify opportunities for forest conservation and restoration. 

Another product is CarbonMapper™, establishing and supporting the validation of forest carbon projects through per-pixel estimates. It provides an assessment of how much carbon is stored in vegetation. The tool aims to reduce errors in carbon estimates allowing clients to maximize the carbon credits earned by their projects.

Space Intelligence has been working with Everland on individual projects for a number of years and according to Mr. Collins, this partnership will accelerate its global impact.

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