Evergreen Containership Now Equipped With Complete Carbon Capture System

Evergreen Containership Now Equipped With Complete Carbon Capture System - Carbon Herald

Shipping giant Evergreen has marked a significant achievement with the successful installation of a fully operational carbon capture system on one of its large containerships. The novel system is capable of handling all stages of CO2 capture, including absorption, compression, liquefaction, and storage processes.

As the global shipping industry continues to face pressure to reduce its environmental impact, this installation of a carbon capture system on an operational containership represents a meaningful leap forward for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the maritime sector.

Earlier this year, a Chinese shipyard completed the installation on the vessel called Ever Top, a 152,300 dwt Panama-registered containership with a capacity of 18,000 TEU. This vessel is one of the 20 ships in the T-Class fleet, all of which were delivered between 2013 and 2017.

The innovative system was developed by Qiyao Environmental Protection, a company specializing in advanced CO2 capture technology aimed at maximizing efficiency. 

By conducting tests and utilizing new absorbents, Qiyao claims to have significantly decreased the energy needed for the system to function, while testing has shown that it can capture over 80 percent of CO2 with a purity level exceeding 99 percent.

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The carbon capture technology onboard the Evergreen Ever Top includes an absorption unit, regeneration unit, compression cooling system, and storage facilities, ensuring that the captured CO2 can be safely put away and utilized.

The system functions by utilizing amine absorbents to specifically trap and separate CO2 from the ship’s emissions. 

The captured CO2 is subsequently compressed and turned into liquid form for transport, storage, or use in industrial settings. This not only helps to mitigate the carbon footprint of the ship but also provides a valuable resource that can be repurposed for various applications.

By capturing and storing CO2 emissions during its voyages, the vessel is setting a new standard for eco-friendly shipping practices. The Ever Top is now sailing between Asia and Europe, showcasing sustainable practices and setting a positive example in its industry.

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