Europe’s “People First” Redcare Pharmacy Buys 10,000 Carbon Credits, Verified By Laser Scanners, From 44.Moles

Europe’s “People First” Redcare Pharmacy Buys 10,000 Carbon Credits, Verified By Laser Scanners, From 44.Moles - Carbon Herald

Redcare Pharmacy (previously Shop Apotheke Europe) has purchased 10,000 carbon credits from German climate tech company 44.moles.

The credits come from three improved forest management (IFM) projects: the Roxbury and Waterboro projects, located in Maine, United States, and the Beech Hill project, located in New Brunswick, Canada. As former forest plots, these projects are now under the management of Climate Forest, who implements IFM methods to support the forest areas’ growth, biodiversity, and resilience.

The agreement between Redcare and 44.moles is part of Redcare Pharmacy’s greater mission: to become net-zero by 2040. Fully committed to the Paris Agreement, a core tenet of Redcare’s sustainability approach is to go above and beyond: first, by measuring, calculating, and reporting on the full-scale of their greenhouse gas emissions; second, by reducing their environmental impact throughout the supply chain; and third, by offsetting and compensating existing emissions.

“Our offsetting strategy has the main objective of fostering reduction along our value chain,” said Anna Tönneßen, Director of Sustainable Development for Redcare Pharmacy. “By purchasing offsets, we are putting a price tag on every tonne of emissions and thus internalizing costs on the environment – like a voluntary carbon tax we set for ourselves. Of course, we do our research and aim for high-quality, high-integrity projects that are ensuring actual removal.”

44.moles uses terrestrial LiDAR scanners to measure a forest project on the ground, allowing for the climate tech company to measure, in the most precise way possible, both the biomass and the stand structural complexity index (SSCI) of a forest. These indicators can in turn give a clear picture of a forest’s carbon sink and biodiversity.

“We founded 44.moles because of issues in the existing carbon market – we knew that for carbon credits to work, there needed to be a more transparent approach to measuring,” said Finn Grundmann, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer of 44.moles. “Our credits are called BLOCs, which stands for biodynamic long-term offset credit.”

The “biodynamic” component of a BLOC refers to the holistic measurement that is made of the forest area, while “long-term” refers to 44.moles’ 99-year guarantee, committing forest owners, companies, and individuals to a carbon credit that will last for 99 years, at least.

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