Europe’s First Hydrogen-Powered House Is Now A Reality!

Europe’s First Hydrogen-Powered House Is Now A Reality! - Carbon Herald
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Scientists from the University of Sannio have built the first of its kind hydrogen-powered house in Italy.

In the wake of a looming energy crisis, when European politicians are calling on the population to radically reduce power consumption (e.g., by driving slower, turning the lights off and even showering together), this new project may prove revolutionary. 

Those countries that have been heavily reliant on Russian natural gas are in desperate need to consider other alternatives. 

But so is the rest of the world that is also trying to move away from fossil fuels and find more sustainable sources of energy. 

Hydrogen is one such source. 

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The team of scientists at the University of Sannio built a house equipped with fuel cells fully powered by hydrogen that are capable of meeting all the heating and power needs of the building.

Furthermore, the house can also rely on energy from renewable sources, namely solar and geothermal, which effectively makes it a zero-emission building.

To help design the building, the scientists worked together with the Stress Consortium, a research center dedicated to sustainable construction technology. 

And with the European Commission’s recent announcement to launch a European Hydrogen Bank with the aim of investing up to €3 billion (~$2.9 billion) in H2 technology, hopes are that the new hydrogen-powered house will inspire similar initiatives all across the EU.

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