Europe Advances Carbon Storage, Launches PilotSTRATEGY Project

Europe Advances Carbon Storage, Launches PilotSTRATEGY Project - Carbon Herald
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The ambitious new carbon storage project titled PilotSTRATEGY is a multi-national venture that seeks to aid the development of low-carbon industry and energy in eastern and southern Europe. The project is already underway and is being funded by the EU.

The PilotSTRATEGY research partnership is spearheaded by French Geological Survey, BRGM, and is the result of the combined efforts of a total of sixteen members from seven different European countries.

This upcoming low-carbon CCS project will be critical to meeting Europe’s climate targets, as the International Energy Agency has already announced that carbon capture and storage facilities are not being launched quickly enough to meet those targets.

PilotSTRATEGY will be addressing this issue by researching geological carbon storage sites in 5 shortlisted regions. Particularly, the research will center on deep saline aquifers that have large CO2 storage capacity.

The PilotSTRATEGY project uses the work and research conducted by another Horizon 2020 project, called STRATEGY CCUS, which is also led by BRGM. And according to BRGM’s project coordinator Dr. Fernanda M L Veloso, the newly-launched PilotSTRATEGY project will also serve as the basis for environmental and socio-economic scenarios discussed in STRATEGY CCUS.

Veloso also confirmed the urgent need for a better estimation of geological CO2 storage resources on the continent.

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