EU Unveils New Carbon Capture Plans At CCUS Forum

EU Unveils New CCS Plans At CCUS Forum - Carbon Herald

This year’s edition of the CCUS Forum, organized by the European Commission, has a strong emphasis on CCS network projects. 

The annual event is taking place in Aalborg, Denmark, where five ministers have just signed the EU CCUS Aalborg declaration, which is a particularly strong indicator of the recognition of carbon capture and storage (CCS) as a key component to achieving climate goals. 

As per the document, work will commence on enabling cross-border CCS initiatives in Denmark, Sweden, France, the Netherlands ánd Germany. 

Already on the first day of the two-day CCUS Forum 14 new CO2 network projects were unveiled by the European Commission (EC).

These projects are included in the PCI List and are set to be formally adopted today.

Furthermore, the EC shared its plans to begin work on CO2 standardization and the creation of an industrial carbon management knowledge sharing network.

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The European Commission Science, Research & Innovation organization also offered a glimpse of its preliminary study on CO2 transport networks, where it is estimated to span more than 19,000 kilometers (~11,806 miles) by 2050. 

The study results showed that this network will transport some 250 mega tonnes of carbon dioxide per year to capture, transport and store a total of 2.75 Giga tonnes of CO2. 

The network will involve 20 countries, from which emissions will be captured and 13, in which they will be transported to for permanent storage, across a total of 31 cross-border points. 

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