EU Parliament Votes On The Carbon Removal Certification Framework

EU Parliament Votes On The Carbon Removal Certification Framework - Carbon Herald
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Today, The EU Parliament‘s Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) voted on the Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CFCR).

The framework is much needed to help ensure higher quality of carbon removals as a means of countering greenwashing and advancing meaningful climate action. 

Furthermore, the Carbon Removal Certification Framework calls for the distinction between carbon removal, carbon storage in different products of value and carbon farming. 

ENVI adopted the CFCR with 59 votes in favor, 17 votes against and 9 abstentions. 

The draft version of the framework has already been circulated for several weeks prior to the official vote, and now the text is set to also pass a plenary vote on November 20, 2023, which, given the results of today’s votes, is very likely to be passed by the EU Parliament. 

Carbon removals have widely gained the support of European MEPs, although their main focus is still on reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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But despite the significant step forward toward better defining carbon removals that this vote represents, some critics were disappointed with the restrictive nature of these definitions. 

Namely, the criticism is aimed at the limitations these definitions pose, particularly with regards to technological carbon removal solutions that are excluded from the CFCR. 

Earlier this month, 17 organizations representing the carbon removal ecosystem sent an open letter to the European Parliament exactly with this intention – to implore EU legislators to ensure that the CRCF is technology-neutral.

Evidently, this letter, signed by businesses and organizations like Carbon Business Council, Air Miners, Stripe, Shopify, and others, was not taken into consideration, and carbon removal specialists now worry that this will result in higher risks of not meeting climate targets. 

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