EU Group Expert Meeting On The CDR Framework Can Be Watched Live On March 7th

Highlights From EU's First Expert Group Meeting On The Carbon Removal Certification Framework - Carbon Herald

Today on March 7th, 2023, from 11am to 5.30pm CET, the European Commission will hold the first expert group meeting on the European Carbon Removal Certification Framework (CRCF) – the first EU framework to certify high-quality carbon removals. The recording of the group meeting that was live-streamed on March 7th, can be watched here

The CRCF is the landmark framework that will shape CDR in Europe and beyond. Participation by the online audience is a key feature of the meeting and will give an opportunity to people to take part in defining a robust CDR framework in Europe to ensure a future of well-being on our planet. 

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The agenda of the meeting includes panels and discussion around topics like what are the best practices to ensure that certification methodologies are a successful tool for the sustainable development of the carbon removal industry. The whole agenda can be found here

Certification methodologies on permanent storage – BECCS and DACCS, carbon farming – soils and forests, and best practices around the use of carbon removals for corporate sustainability accounting are covered as panel topics.

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Some experts in the fields of climate policy and carbon removal will be present in person at the meeting like Chris Sherwood from Negative Emissions Platform, Harald Bier from European Biochar Industry Consortium, Mark Preston Aragonès from Bellona Europa, Eve Tamme – Senior Advisor on climate policy, carbon markets, carbon removal, carbon capture, Robert Höglund – Climate Advisor in CDR and climate policy.

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