Estonian Climate Company eAgronom Expands To Czechia, Romania, And Ukraine

Estonian Climate Company eAgronom Expands To Czechia, Romania, And Ukraine - Carbon Herald

eAgronom, the agriculture-focused climate tech company helping farmers adopt sustainable practices for the health of their farms and the planet, announced a major European expansion into Czechia, Romania, and Ukraine.

With a focus on supporting farmers through carbon credits, loans, and value chain insetting, this expansion will increase eAgronom-sponsored farmland by over 500,000 hectares and enable farmers to redeem an additional 300,000-plus carbon credits, benefitting their bottom line and their farm’s overall sustainability. It will also substantially expand eAgronom’s roster of in-house agronomists and local partners.

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While the agriculture industry is a major contributor to carbon emissions and thus climate change, it is also a potential vehicle for reducing carbon emissions through natural processes. Soil ranks second only to the ocean as a carbon sink, and scientists estimate that soil has the potential to sequester over a billion additional tonnes of carbon every year.

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eAgronom partners with farms to install sophisticated real-time soil crop monitoring and yield planning technology, providing detailed insights tailored to making farms more efficient and effective carbon sinks. The associated carbon credit program directly subsidizes farms working to restore and regenerate soil, while eAgronom’s verification and certification processes incentivize financial institutions to provide more favorable lending terms to farmers and landowners implementing these soil health and carbon sink measures.

Backed by dedicated local teams in all three countries already recruiting local farmers, this expansion is tailored to the needs of each market and agricultural landscape. In Czechia, eAgronom will focus on building a carbon program distribution network alongside local partners.

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In Romania, where the market skews toward big crops, eAgronom is focusing on developing its input resellers network and targeting individual farms. It has already engaged the input reseller company AGRICROPS CHIM as a partner due to its strong presence in northeastern and eastern Romania, and are in the process of partnering with another significant reseller company to better cover the northwest, west, and central regions of the country.

With over 40 million hectares, Ukraine’s agricultural sector is essential to European food production and has already made significant strides with regards to adopting sustainable practices. eAgronom plans to meaningfully enhance and build on these improvements. The company is also closely monitoring the impact of the war with Russia on production and will collaborate with Ukrainian farmers to help mitigate the resulting price fluctuations.

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Robin Saluoks, CEO of eAgronom, said: “This expansion has been in the works for some time, so we’re absolutely thrilled to reach the jumping-off point with our farmers and our partners. We’ve already onboarded a number of farmers and enrolled our first partners. Thanks to the establishment of our local teams, we’ll be able to continue onboarding farmers at an accelerated pace. Excited to bring value chain incentives, carbon credit income, and sustainable loans to new farmers. ”

Adam Mikolajczak, General Manager, CEE at eAgronom, said: “We’ve been extremely deliberate about partnering with distributors, input resellers, and other agriculture-focused institutions throughout the region while planning this expansion. Creating individualized and seamless solutions for farms has been integral to our mission since day one, so it’s only natural that any regional expansion would be incomplete without input and advice from locals who know it best. We’re entering Czechia, Romania, and Ukraine with local expertise at our side, and that’s going to make a tremendous difference for farmers and, ultimately, the planet.”

To promote its carbon program and regenerative agriculture, eAgronom works with a local network of agronomists, consultants, farm-centric companies and banks in every country it services. On-the-ground support will be available in the Czech, Romanian, and Ukrainian languages. eAgronom is already organizing events, seminars, field shows and consultations to educate farmers on the benefits of sustainable farming and provide hands-on support throughout the transition process.

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