Essar Oil UK Selects Topsoe Technology For $455M Carbon Capture Project

Essar Oil UK Selects Topsoe Technology For $455M Carbon Capture Project - Carbon Herald

Danish low-carbon technology developer Topsoe has secured a deal with downstream energy company Essar Oil UK to provide technology for its $455 million (£360 million) carbon capture facility in North West England.

The facility, set to be operational by 2028, will utilize Topsoe’s SNOX technology to remove nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, dust, and other contaminants from the flue gas emitted at Essar’s Stanlow refinery.

This move is part of Essar’s broader decarbonization strategy, with a $1.2 billion investment aimed at making it the world’s first low-carbon refinery.

Topsoe’s SNOX technology, employed in various industries including refineries, power plants, and carbon black manufacturing, facilitates the removal of contaminants from flue gases without generating waste or ocean discharge.

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The process recovers sulphur in the form of commercial-grade concentrated sulphuric acid, offering additional utility.

The carbon capture facility is expected to eliminate approximately one million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually.

The captured CO2 will be permanently stored in depleted gas fields beneath the sea in Liverpool Bay.

Essar’s CEO, Deepak Maheshwari, sees this project as a crucial step in achieving their goal of a 95% reduction in emissions by 2030 through energy efficiency, carbon capture, and fuel switching.

The comprehensive strategy also includes an upcoming hydrogen fuel switching project.

Elena Scaltritti, CCO at Topsoe, hailed the agreement as a landmark development for the company’s presence in the UK, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with Essar on this project as a significant example of the fossil industry’s efforts to decarbonize.

Essar’s commitment aligns with the UK’s focus on industrial fuel switching, supported by initiatives like the Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge by UK Research and Innovation, which allocates substantial funding for the development of technologies such as carbon capture and storage (CCS) and hydrogen fuel switching.

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