Essar Oil UK Partners Up With Elessent Clean Technologies For Carbon Capture Project

Essar Oil UK Partners Up With Elessent Clean Technologies For Carbon Capture Project - Carbon Herald

Essar Oil UK has announced that it plans to work with Elessent Clean Technologies on the integration of the BELCO gas cleaning technology at its Stanlow refinery.

The partnership is set to be a crucial element of the company’s ambitious $1.2 billion investment plan, aimed at transforming the Stanlow facility into the world’s first low-carbon refinery. Essar have stated that approximately two million tons (95%) of CO2 emissions will be captured.

The project was initially announced in November 2022, and is slated to become operational by 2028. With this first phase expectations are for a cut of around one million tons of CO2 emissions.

The second phase involves a transition to hydrogen fuel, displacing natural gas and other refinery fuels, with a projected reduction of another one million tons of CO2 emissions each year.

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Essar Oil UK CEO Deepak Maheshwari said: “It is great to have our final licensor technology provider in place as we move into the next phase of our decarbonisation strategy.”

Elessent Clean Technologies vice-president of refining technologies Michael Cherry added: “Together with Essar, we have worked to provide an essential and reliable gas cleaning solution for the carbon capture facility. With our BELCO scrubbing technology, we will ensure clean and cool flue gas is delivered.”

Securing Elessent Clean Technologies as a partner marks the completion of Essar Oil UK’s lineup of key technology partners for the project, alongside Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Topsoe.

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