ESG Clean Energy To Commercialize Revolutionary New Product

ESG Clean Energy To Commercialize Revolutionary New Product - Carbon Herald

ESG Clean Energy, a power generation company focused on carbon capture systems with minimal CO2 output, announced that recent testing of its patented water removal system at its power facility in Holyoke, MA, aligned with or surpassed predicted outcomes, making way for the commercialization of the revolutionary new product.

The test results prove that ESG Clean Energy‘s innovative technology makes it possible to capture CO2 at a reduced expense and with minimal energy usage. This advancement has the potential to transform the clean energy sector, offering decarbonization solutions to emission producers of various scales.

Extracting carbon dioxide (CO2) from emissions of fossil fuels has traditionally been a costly and energy-intensive process. Besides water vapor, fossil fuel emissions contain a combination of gases, including carbon dioxide, and it can be challenging to separate and capture the CO2 from a complex gas mixture. 

There have been advancements in materials that can selectively bond with or react to CO2 while allowing other gases to pass through, but even those solutions can’t tackle the issue of water molecules.

Several studies carried out by renowned researchers show that water molecules, which are inevitably present in exhaust streams as a result of combustion, have a negative impact on carbon capture.

The ESG Clean Energy system eliminates water vapor from the exhaust stream before capturing CO2. This innovative new product includes a patented ceramic membrane and a specialized mechanical cooling system.

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This technology makes the capture of carbon dioxide cost-effective and energy efficient, and the company stated that it can be applied to various sizes of facilities, including existing power plants.

Nick Scuderi, the president of ESG Clean Energy, LLC, shared that after achieving this long-awaited milestone, the company is ready to move forward with commercializing this aspect of their extensive patent portfolio on a global scale.

The commercialization will include implementing the new ESG Clean Energy product across all its planned facilities and to the licensee of its technology, Viking Energy Group, a subsidiary of Camber Energy, for all of Canada and multiple locations in the United States.

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