Equinor and Wintershall’s New Partnership Eyes An Extensive Carbon Capture Hub

Equinor and Wintershall's New Partnership Eyes An Extensive Carbon Capture Hub - Carbon Herald
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Equinor and Wintershall Dea – a German oil and gas company are joining efforts to support extensive carbon capture development. The two companies agreed on Tuesday August 30th to pursue the development of an extensive carbon capture and storage (CCS) value chain that will connect European CO2 emitters to offshore storage sites on the Norwegian continental shelf.

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The companies plan a 900-kilometre-long open access pipeline to connect the CO2 collection hub in Northern Germany and the storage sites in Norway prior to 2032. The project is expected to have a capacity to store between 20 to 40 million tonnes of CO2 per year. 

An early deployment solution is also transporting the CO2 by ship from the CO2 export hub to the storage sites.

Equinor and Wintershall Dae explain the carbon capture and storage project has the ambition to make a vital contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Europe. It also aims to establish the value chain and infrastructure for the safe transportation, injection, and storage of CO2 in suitable reservoirs.

“This is a strong energy partnership supporting European industrial clusters’ need to decarbonise their operations. Wintershall Dea and Equinor are committed to the energy transition and will utilise the competence and experience in both companies to work with governments and partners to help reach the net-zero target,” said Anders Opedal, CEO and President of Equinor.

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More news for deployment of carbon capture in Norway came out this week. Northern Lights and Norwegian chemical company Yara signed the world’s first commercial agreement for Northern Lights on cross-border CO2 storage and transport, marking a ‘major milestone’ for the project and Norway’s decarbonization ambitions. 

Further development of carbon capture infrastructure is capable of making significant contributions to making the economy net zero in due time.

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