Equatic To Build The World’s Largest Ocean Carbon Removal Plant

Equatic To Build The World’s Largest Ocean Carbon Removal Plant - Carbon Herald
Source: Simon Sto FPV via Pexels

Carbon removal company Equatic has just announced its plans to build what will be the world’s largest ocean carbon removal plant. 

The project is the result of a joint effort between Singapore’s National Water Agency (PUB) and UCLA, which aims to remove 10 metric tons of CO2 and create 300 kg of green hydrogen on a daily basis. 

This will amount to a total removal capacity of 3,650 tons of CO2 per year, making the facility among the largest of its kind to date. 

Lorenzo Corsini, principal advisor at Equatic, said the construction of the new plant called Equatic-1 would mark the necessary next step on the path to scaling carbon dioxide removal (CDR). 

“We are on track to deliver a replicable, easy-to-manufacture electrochemical reactor—the beating heart of our CDR technology—that will bring removal costs below the $100 per tonne industry target well before 2030,” Corsini said. 

Equatic-1 builds on the knowledge and experience acquired from the company’s two pilot facilities in Los Angeles and Singapore and is set to be commissioned in Singapore around the middle of 2024.

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The plant will rely on only four inputs for the removal of CO2 and generation of carbon-negative hydrogen: renewable energy, seawater, rock, and air. 

How the technology works is it passes electrical current through seawater, after which air is passed through the seawater, which leads to CO2 being pulled from the air and trapped in minerals and naturally occurring dissolved substances for permanent storage.

Lastly, rock is used to neutralize the processed seawater and preserve the ocean’s chemistry.

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