Equatic Releases MRV White Paper On High-Quality Carbon Credits

Equatic Releases MRV White Paper On High-Quality Carbon Credits - Carbon Herald

Ocean carbon removal company Equatic has just released a white paper dedicated to Measurement, Reporting & Verification (MRV) of high-quality carbon removal credits. 

The MRV white paper was developed with the help of EcoEngineers, a global consulting and advisory firm focused exclusively on the energy transition, and explains the Equatic process for removing CO2 from the atmosphere by means of seawater electrolysis, which is a two-in-one climate solution. 

Namely, the company has come up with an approach that not only removes residual carbon dioxide emissions from the air, but also produces green hydrogen in the process. 

But as with any carbon removal approach, robust MRV is necessary to ensure transparency and traceability. 

“If we want carbon removal at industrial scale, then we must have irrefutable measurement, reporting and verification,” said Edward Sanders, COO of Equatic

“The MRV approach we deploy is integrated with the closed-system design of Equatic’s process. We use direct measurement and multiple validation pathways to generate carbon credits, and we are committed to leading the industry by example on robust, transparent carbon accounting,” Sanders concluded. 

The built-in measurement of CDR in the startup’s distinct carbon removal solution combined with the vastness of the ocean is what Equatic believes necessary to enable ‘unprecedented scale’ for the permanent removal of atmospheric CO2. 

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