EPA Publishes Class VI Draft Permits With Status Updates

EPA Publishes Class VI Draft Permits With Status Updates - Carbon Herald
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The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has published a list of Class VI draft permits, each with its own timeline and status updates. 

The list is a step towards higher levels of transparency and comes after a wave of criticism towards the EPA for the lack of timely permit approvals. 

Now, with the detailed new Class VI Permit Tracker, information regarding pending carbon storage permits is readily available to the public and can be tracked by anyone. 

Source: EPA

The Class VI permit tracker published by the EPA includes a detailed set of data not only with regards to the projects under review, but also about the different stages of approval that the draft permits have passed or have yet to pass.

For example, project information includes details such as the project names, their developers, the state and county they are in, as well as the number of injection wells for CO2 storage involved. 

The EPA Permit Tracker also features all of the available steps in the permitting process: Completeness Review, Technical Review, Request for Additional Information (RAI), Prepare Draft Permit, Public Comment Period, Prepare Final Permit.

Each of the steps also has an estimated timeframe, ranging from 30 days for the Completeness Review and up to 18 months for the more exhaustive and complex Technical Review. 

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