Enhanced Weathering Alliance Launches To Ensure Enhanced Weathering Is Part Of EU Carbon Removal Pathways

Enhanced Weathering Alliance Launches To Ensure Enhanced Weathering Is Part Of EU Carbon Removal Pathways - Carbon Herald

On March 21st, a new alliance has been launched by leading carbon removal companies in a pursuit of scaling enhanced rock weathering approaches. The Enhanced Weathering Alliance (EWA) is a coalition advancing the development and application of enhanced weathering that officially comes to life today to contribute to a sustainable future. 

The Alliance is committed to collaborating with policymakers and stakeholders to ensure that enhanced weathering is part of climate policies, with a focus on the European landscape. 

The initiative is launched with the following founding members: InPlanet, Eion, Silica, Carbonaught, Carbony, The Rock Flour Company, Carbonfuture, Lithos, and Flux with support from Carbon Drawdown Initiative and Cascade Climate. The Carbon Business Council is serving as the Secretariat.

Today’s launch is also accompanied by a policy brief about the state of the enhanced rock weathering market called an Enhanced Weathering Policy Primer published by the Carbon Business Council. The brief details the benefits of enhanced weathering (EW) to farmers, identifies key challenges, and offers a set of focused recommendations for policymakers, the emerging EW commercial sector, and other CDR ecosystem actors to responsibly accelerate the scaling of EW. 

Enhanced Weathering Alliance Launches To Ensure Enhanced Weathering Is Part Of EU Carbon Removal Pathways - Carbon Herald
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“Enhanced weathering is a game-changer for carbon dioxide removal and is essential for decarbonizing sectors like agriculture. It’s imperative that the EU Expert Group recognizes EW’s capacity to achieve up to 4 Gt CO2 annual global removal by 2050 and its extensive co-benefits,” commented Adam Wolf, Co-Founding Director of the Enhanced Weathering Alliance. 

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Enhanced rock weathering is one of the reliable and durable carbon removal approaches with significant potential to address historic emissions and serve Europe on its quest to reach net zero. 

The EU recently published its recommendation for the 2040 emission reduction targets and the EU Industrial Carbon Management where established carbon removal approaches like biochar and enhanced rock weathering were missing in the definition of industrial CDR. 

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The industry has been vocal in its calls for technological neutrality in carbon removal methodologies to avoid the risk of halting development of novel approaches that are still about to reach full scale application and prove efficiency, however, they have been scientifically proven to hold a great potential in removing emissions. There is also an exponentially growing number of strong and ambitious teams developing those novel carbon removal approaches that are rapidly advancing efficiency and innovation in the space. 

The EWA urges policymakers to recognize the potential of emerging carbon removal pathways, such as enhanced weathering, which offers a permanent solution to CO2 emissions by naturally storing carbon through rock dissolution.

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