enfinium Joins CCS+, Becomes First UK Waste To Energy Operator In The Initiative

enfinium Joins The CCS+ Initiative As First UK Waste To Energy Operator - Carbon Herald

Waste to energy operator enfinium just announced it is joining the CCS+ Initiative, and is the first UK-based business of this kind to do so. 

The CCS+ Initiative is a worldwide push to create robust standards for carbon accounting and help build a solid foundation for the carbon management economy.

By joining the CCS+ Initiative, enfinium will provide its expertise in developing rigorous carbon accounting methodologies to support voluntary carbon markets and help form the basis for emerging compliance markets. 

And seeing as how the company is the first UK waste to energy operator to join CCS+, this puts it in a leading position for the entire sector on a global scale. 

Generating energy from waste is set to play a major role in meeting the ever increasing demand for engineered carbon dioxide removal (CDR), which will require a significant amount of clean energy, on the one hand. 

On the other hand, it will provide a much needed solution for the vast amounts of non recyclable biodegradable waste produced by society.

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According to some estimates, In the UK alone, the waste to energy sector has the capacity of capturing up to 20 million tons of CO2 per year by 2050, half of which would be permanently stored away in offshore geological storage sites. 

This, in turn, represents about half of the lower end of the expected demand for durable carbon removal, which is expected to reach anywhere between 40 and 200 million tons of CO2 by the end of this decade. 

“Carbon capture is an essential ingredient of net zero. This will require a mature voluntary carbon credits market, underpinned by robust data and accounting practices. The work of CCS+ is central to developing the framework needed to encourage investment,” said Mike Maudsley, CEO of enfinium.

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