Energy Companies Partner On CO2 Storage Project In Gulf Of Mexico

Energy Companies Partner On CO2 Storage Project In Gulf of Mexico - Carbon Herald
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Carbon-Zero US, Cox Operating, Crescent Midstream, and Repsol announced on Dec. 21 a partnership to develop one of the largest offshore hubs for permanent CO2 storage in the Gulf of Mexico. 

One of the largest owners of energy infrastructure in the offshore Gulf of Mexico, Cox plans to repurpose facilities and equipment to lower the carbon capture and sequestration project’s CO2 footprint as part of a market-based energy transition.

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Cox currently has 600 wells in 66 offshore fields potentially containing the largest CO2 storage volume owned by a single operator in the Gulf of Mexico.

Louisiana-based pipeline operator Crescent Midstream has extensive onshore and offshore pipeline construction and operations experience in the region.

Together with its CCS project partners, Carbon-Zero recently applied to the Department of Energy for the CarbonSAFE program for a pilot in one of their proposed CO2 sequestration sites. 

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